Mr. ADITYARAM - Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Adityaram Group

Adityaram is a notable Entrepreneur who is the Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Adityaram Group of Companies, a leading South Indian Conglomerate, most valued by brand. He is one of the most inspirational, self-driven, outstanding and young Industrialists, who marked his success in Real Estate, Housing and Infrastructure Development, Movie & TV Studio and Film Production House and Investments Sectors. He is also a Philanthropist, a most interesting and distinguished personality, one can come across.

Early Career:

Adityaram was born in K. Jeganatpuram, a small hamlet in the East Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh. His father was a small agriculturist but the young entrepreneur had set his mind on something bigger. After completing his matriculation, he wanted to pursue Bachelor of Engineering. However due to his family financial instability, he was unable to pursue his dream of becoming an Engineer. But this did not deter this young boy. As an alternative course to become an Engineer he decided to do A.M.I.E offered by The Institution of Engineers. He learnt the ins and outs of syllabus, read and mastered, which enabled him to be a qualified graduate in Mechanical Engineering by succeeding Section A and Section B of the course in a time, at the short span of two and halve years. He dreamt big and made the things happen throughout his career by means of strong desire to win.

Passion for Business:

When he was a student itself, he was visionary, principled, quick learner, forward thinker, shouldered his leadership skills, had his passion for business and attended Entrepreneurship Development Programme by ITCOT, Chennai. During his college days, he was well known for his interest and passion for business. After his college timings, he used to excellently spend his time in Guindy Technical Library for aggressively analyzing the various industries and opportunities to become a successful businessman. After a thorough research and analysis he concluded that real estate will be the successful future. Though his decision was risky and the Real Estate Industry was full of uncertainties, he had done wonders in the Industry.

His passion for business conferred on him the expert knowledge and self-confidence and that made him to give his first attempt in to the Real Estate Industry in the early nineties with his own hard earned money. He took his own decision on venturing into real estate industry without any background or platform, never worked in any corporate entities and foresaw the development of present real estate industry two decades back, but one thing he has missed very much in his career is the absence of a 'mentor' who might have guided him, however, it did not make much difference because his passion for business made him to learn on his own and he is too smart and wise to learn from the mistakes of others as appropriately said by the great Philosopher Chanakya.

Work as Worship:

This successful industrialist has understood the value of work. He devoted himself to his work constantly in his life, as work is worship. He has learnt the ins and outs of real estate trading and investments and learned everything that he could lay his hands on. With an inborn ability to recognize the uniqueness and potential of ideas, opportunities and people, have evolved him to do business in corporate style to provide employment, growth and benefit to the society at the large.

Now, Adityaram is one of the icons of South Indian Industry. He is a pioneer in Realty and Entertainment sectors, who has established and developed Adityaram Group as one of the largest group, from its scratch. After initial struggle he went on to become a powerful public personality.

Business is not only a passion for him, but also a service of giving back to the society by providing large scale of employment. He is the advocate of huge hard work, professionalism, trust and best deliverables at international standards in business. These qualities credited him grand success. By his phenomenal success and growth in short span of time, not only he gained name and fame amongst the masses but also set an example for the aspiring new entrepreneurs.

According to him, carrying on business as a single man is a herculean task which is extremely difficult at times, but if one is driven by incredible optimism and strong determination, it is absolutely achievable. Adityaram strongly believe Work is the only concern with a man while reward is the concern in the hands of the almighty. Fortunes always favor the hard worker and brave. It is this spirit behind the success of this young gentleman that made him to look at his success as a reward in the way of his journey and not as a destination.